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A Story You May Have Never Heard

You Need Protection...
In flood water above our knees, two other teens and myself got out of our stalled vehicle into the darkness and walked back towards higher ground.
In a moment, a mere blink of an eye, a glance to my right revealed there was suddenly only tow of us where seconds before there was one more.
In horror, scared to death of what had taken our young friend down beneath the murky water, we retraced our steps in the darkness to find him.  My heart ached.  I felt I had failed him.
Suddenly, our attention was caught by a burst to the surface, an arm frantically waving for assistance.  We lunged to grab what we soon learned was the body that had fallen perfectly straight into an open manhole cover three feet below the surface. 

Doug had gone down deeply, but had grabbed a ring of an underground ladder that saved him from being swept down completely and perhaps finally to his death.
As I thought about this story, I was reminded how a past client had disappeared.  He had claimed we had done such an incredible job selling his home that "He would be our customer for life!"
The problem was that I was complacent, I did not keep in contact, I assumed everything was just fine.  But, as suddenly as my friend disappeared below the water, this friend disappeared and used the listing Realtor to handle both sides of his new dream home.  It was too late to tell him, Never ever do that.  You need to be represented, you need protection!
I vowed then that I would never allow that to happen to one of my friends or clients again.  That is why I am writing today, to make sure you remember that with the Carl Team, you have the best service, the most knowledgable, the highest integrity Realtors you can find.
Jan, myself, and the whole Carl Team are here to walk beside you through your next Real Estate transaction.  With every aspect of the purchase or sale, you can count on us.  We will not let you sink down into the "manhole" of a bad sale.
Jim & Jan Carl
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